Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Cardsparkle Weekend Project - Laughing Lola Journaling Cards Box

Hi there!  Welcome along to my first tutorial of sorts.  Now I am no expert, believe me.  However I thought I would post an almost step by step list of how I completed my project this weekend.  In particular I wanted to share the measurements I used, as they can tend to be quite time consuming to work out.

The finished Weekend Project

I originally ordered the My Creations Journaling Cards Box as a handy box to store my Picture My Life cards in, however when it arrived I just couldn't resist covering it in some gorgeous Lauging Lola papers to match my Picture My life cards it is now home to.  

Just some of the beautiful Picture My Life Lauging Lola Scrapbooking Program cards
I started by cutting out all my cardstock.   I wanted to have the smallest gap around the edge of the box so I cut my Mat in black at 1/16 inch smaller than what I measured the box at.  The patterned paper I cut at 1/4 inch smaller to give me a 1/8 inch black Mat to surround it. 
So here are the measurements I cut in inches: (I hope the fractions are simple as I am just getting used to inches instead of the metric system.)


Actual Box Size Mat Cutting Size Patterned Paper
Top & Bottom Surfaces cut 2  Length 6  3/8 6  5/16
6  1/16

Width 1  1/2 1  7/16
1  3/16

Front Bottom half 

Length 6  3/8 6  5/16
6  1/16

Width 3  3/16 3  1/8
2  7/8

Back Bottom half

Length 6  3/8 6  5/16
6  1/16

Width 3  3/4 3 11/16
3  7/16

Back Top part

Length 6  3/8 6  5/16
6  1/16

Width 1  1/8 1  1/16

Diagonal lid sides (cut 2)

Width 1  1/2 1  7/16
1  3/16

Short Side of Diagonal 1  1/16 1     

Long side of Diagonal 1  1/8 1  5/8
1  3/8

Then cut diagonally to meet

Diagonal Bottom Half Sides  Width 1  1/2 1  7/16
1  3/16

Short Side of Diagonal 3  1/8 3  1/16
2 13/16

Long side of Diagonal 3  3/4 3 11/16
3  7/16

Front top  Length 6  3/8 6  5/16
6  1/16

Width 1  5/8 1  9/16
1  5/16

Next I sponge daubed all the corners and sides with black ink so there would be none of the white showing through on the finished project.  I also daubed the edges of my black cardstock.  I could have done with daubing the Lauging Lola papers too just to give it a slightly  more finished look, but I think it looks great even without.

I adhered all the patterned paper onto the Mats and then onto the box being sure to line up the sides as straight as possible. 

And because we all just can't resist a bit of bling - I added some Teal Shimmer Trim and a Teal Resin Flower to the top right corner.  I can't wait to complete more of these they just look so cute and the possibilities for embellishment are endless and can match your own style! 

Keep an eye out for my post on a similar box project coming soon! 

I hope posting these measurements may be helpful to you, please let me know in the comments if it was and I would love to see your finished My Creations Journaling Cards Box

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

An Introduction

I am super pleased to announce that I am now a consultant with Close To My Heart in Auckland New Zealand.  Come on over and visit my online business page to see some of the gorgeous items we have and feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.

Stay tuned for my first attempt ever at scrapbooking, using the
 Close To My Heart Workshops on the Go Skylark Scrapbooking Kit